“题目:______the weather improves, we will suffer a huge loss in the tourist industry.
: Unless
; While
; As”
“题目:—  ______ will it take me to walk there?

—  About ten minutes.
: How much
; How long
; How far”
“题目:—  Forgotten something? I can keep an eye on your kids if you want to go and get it.

—  _______ Thank you all the same.
: Well, I can do without it.
; Oh, how careless of me!
; I might as well go and get it. ”
“题目:— Excuse me, can you tell me where the nearest bus stop is?

— I’m sorry, I have no idea. I ______.
: am new
; am a stranger here
; don’t know ”
“题目:— Excuse me, officer. I can’t find the subway entrance. ______

— See those glass doors? Go in and you will see it on your right.
: Show me the way?
; Where is it?
; Can you help me?”
“题目:— Would you like a glass of wine?

— _____________ I don’t drink.
: Yes, please.
; No, thanks.
;  I don’t like it.     ”
“题目:His parents are present there ______, but their minds are somewhere else.
: psychologically
; apparently
; physically”
“题目:It is easy to get the software we need ______ the market is small.
: so that
; as if
; although”
“题目:She didn’t know______ to express her ideas in English clearly in public.
: why
; which
; how”
“题目:The job is great in terms of salary. It has its disadvantages,           .
: though
; however
; even”
“题目:They also have a camera ______allows you to take and share photos and video.
: which
; where
; when”
“题目:We must find a way to cut prices______ reducing our profits too much.
: with
; without
; despite”
“题目:We support the view that poor management will ______ business failure.
: take in
; lead to
; break up”
“题目:You can go to Mobile Joker Store, ______ is the nearest mobile phone store from here.
: which
; who
; where”
“题目:You will soon  ______ the world outside the smartphone is much more enjoyable
: release
; return
; realize”

”  二、阅读理解:阅读下面短文,选择合适的内容将短文补充完整。

Do you know how to use a mobile phone without being rude to the people around you?

Talking during a performance irritates (激怒) people. If you are expecting an emergency call, sit near the exit doors and set your phone to vibrate (振动),_____.

When eating at a restaurant with friends, _____. This conveys the message that your phone calls are more important than those around you.

Mobile phones have sensitive microphones that allow you to speak at the volume you would on a regular phone._____.If you are calling from a noisy area,_____.Many people believe that they can’t live without their mobile phone._____, but limit your conversations to urgent ones and save the personal calls until you are at home.”

1. The mobile phone store is about five hundred yards past the gym, on your left.  {A; B; C}

A. 手机商店在健身房的左边,离你500步。

B. 手机商店大概离健身房500步,在你的左手边。

C. 手机商店往左拐,然后再走500步。

2. No wonder I got lost. I was heading in the wrong direction!  {A; B; C}




3. It seems that there’s nothing impossible with the little mobile phone.  {A; B; C}



C. 这智能手机不是任何事都能干。

4. The Smartphone is getting more attention in the house than the child.  {A; B; C}

A. 在这个家里,智能手机正在比这孩子得到更多的关注。

B. 在这个家里,孩子更关注智能手机。

C. 孩子在家更关注智能手机。

5. We all need to come out of this head-down syndrome.  {A; B; C}

A. 我们都需要摆脱这种低头综合征。

B. 我们都需要走出这种低头综合征。

C. 我们都需要改变摇头的习惯。”

Mobile phone has become a problem for middle schools. Some middle schools in Australia have banned(禁止) students from carrying mobile phones during school hours. Mobile phone use among children has become a problem for the school this year. Several children have got mobile phones as Christmas gifts, teachers said mobile phone use is a distraction (娱乐) to students during school hours and it also gives teachers so much trouble in their classrooms. Teachers were also saying that sometimes students might use phone messages (消息) to cheat during exams.

She said some schools had tried to ban mobile phones. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t get in touch with (与…联系) their children.

Many teachers said students should not have mobile phones at school, but if there was a good reason, they could leave their phones at school office. They also said there were many reasons why the students should not have mobile phones at school: they were easy to lose and were a distraction from studies.

Many people say that they understand why parents would want their children to have phones, but they think schools should let the students know when they can use their mobile phones.

1. Some middle schools in Australia have banned students from carrying mobile phones {A; B; C}.

A. because they are students

B. when they are free

C. when they are at school

2. We know from the passage that some children get mobile phones from  {A; B; C}.           .

A. the makers and sellers

B. the passers-by and strangers

C. their parents and friends

3. What does the underlined word cheat mean in the passage? {A; B; C}.

A. 聊天

B. 作弊

C. 查询

4. Some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t {A; B; C} during school hours.

A. use their mobile phones

B. get in touch with their children

C. help the teachers with their work

5. The passage tells us that {A; B; C}.

A. students shouldn’t have mobile phones at school except for some special reasons

B. it is impossible to ban students from using mobile phones at school

C. some parents felt unhappy because they couldn’t use their phones at school ”

A 4 year Kid, who does not know what an Email or a Chat App is, prays to God: “Hey, Lord, Please make me a smartphone”. This young kid is asking such a wish from God, because he sees that his parents at home are completely glued to this magical device called smartphone and has no time to look up at him. The smartphone is getting more attention in the house than the child. His parents are present there physically, but their minds are somewhere else.

It’s so true that this device has become an inseparable part of our day to day life, and we are addicted to it. We will start feeling restless if we do not look to our phone after a few minutes. We react faster to a phone beep or a message compared to a call by a family member from a different room. We all need to come out of this head-down syndrome. We all need to connect and communicate in real world. We need to put this technology to good use and not become a slave.

So what shall we do? It’s simple: the solution is called “digital break”. This means, when you return home from work, you simply turn off or mute all your digital devices for a few hours every day, or at least once in a while. What do you do then? You can share your time with the family, chatting with your wife or husband, playing games with your kids, doing things with other family members, etc. in real life. You will soon realize the world outside the smartphone is much more enjoyable

1. The kid is 5 years old. {T; F}

2. The kid asked God for a smartphone. {T; F}

3. Smartphones have become an inseparable part of our daily life. {T; F}

4. We all need to connect and communicate in virtual world. {T; F}

5. The only solution to the head-down syndrome is called “digital break. {T; F}”


_____,mobile phones are being more and more widely used. It’s small in size, _____, offering fast and convenient service for communication. It’s of multi-function. _____.

In recent years,_____Quite a few use them at school to keep in touch with their families and friends instead of writing letters, which, of course brings convenience to them. But I don’t think it’s good to do so.

_____, student users often waste a lot of time chatting over the phone in their spare time, some even use them to cheat in exams. In addition, mobile phone bill is also a heavy burden on students’ families.”